The Background

A popular brand in the hair and beauty segment A-One, enjoyed high preference among the youth for its styling services. With a legacy that spans over 30 years, the brand had earned strong credibility and loyal customers. But in the fast-paced world of fashion, trends change overnight and so does the preference. Competitors sprung up at every corner and a new trend in salon experience emerged.

The Problem

With male customers dominating their client base, the perception that A-One was mostly for men kept women away, it needed to project an image that attracted female customers too. Additionally, the demand for something more than standard services, a premium experience that pampered the client was the need of the hour. However, disrupting an already well-established brand name didn’t feel right.

The Solution

To us the solution was a brand extension that had its roots in the parent brand but communicated a completely new experience. We introduced A° – Salon & Beauty Studio (pronounced A-Degree), a premium salon set in a luxuriously designed space. Equipped with the high-end hair care and skincare services that attended to every little whim of the customer, A° set a new benchmark of premium salon services in the city. Creating this premium brand experience was the cumulated effect of identity, campaign and space design.

Brand Extension
A Degree
Our inspiration came from the fact that hair cuts are actually variations of the different angles created by cutting hair at varying degrees. For services that were a cut above others, we created a new identity A° – Salon & Beauty Studio.
Brand Campaign


Be Your Own Style Icon

Exploring what style suits a particular personality, is the basis of all services offered at A°. The styling philosophy at A° always has been that a customer’s own unique personality must guide all styling decisions to create their own unique styles.

Space Design

A salon that feels like a spa, the A° – Salon & Beauty Studio has been designed to evoke a sense of luxury experience.
Digital Presence
We revamped our website and created a page on Facebook. The idea was to be seen as a brand that stayed in-sync with change and connected.



The Result

Not only was the brand a hit with a high turnout of female customers, it carved a definitive place in the minds of the customers. Today, it is recognised as one of the most premium salons of the city, with well-known celebrities as its patrons.