Packaging done well helps the product stand out and makes a brand visible. Packaging aims at communicating with the consumer all the benefits their product will offer and highlight its best features.

The art of product package designing goes way beyond just creating colorful designs – these designs are well thought out strategy and contain in it the understanding of consumer psychology. Packaging is crucial in it that it holds the key whether or not a customer will pick your product over others. The design is the first thing that gets registered in a customer’s mind even before its benefits and pros could reach them. A perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality translates into a powerful emotional connect which will then convert into the numbers which every business so eagerly looks forward to.

The Background

Coromandel, a leading manufacturer of phosphate fertilizers, launched a range of products popularly known by the brand name GROMOR. It is also a leader when it comes to farm inputs (fertilizers, seeds, animal feed, etc.), farm advisory services (soil testing, seminars, field visits by experts etc.) and farm mechanization services (land preparation, spraying services etc.).

The Problem

Packaging plays an important role and more so when the consumer base is in rural areas. Also, the vast diversity of our country cited as strength by many, proves to be a challenge when marketing in rural areas. Language and dialects differ state and region wise. For making that connection with the rural population, it is of paramount importance that the messages are communicated in the respective local

The challenge for us was to make the Coromandel’s new fertilizer brand stand out in the market. They wanted to introduce the first chemical fertilizer manufactured in India, delivered in a package that will not only make its mark, but also position it as the best one out there. Another challenge that we faced was that we had to ensure that Coromandel gets noticed as a brand amid the presence of local vendors, who may price their products much lower to meet with the competition.

The Solution

A rural consumer is fairly simple as compared to an urban one, yet the path to reach out and make a connection with a rural consumer is rather complex. Rural consumer will base his/ her decisions on traditions, customs and emotions.

We focused on the simplicity and worked upon the basic factors that will help the product stand out. Trizone focused on using vibrant colors for the packaging and design. This fact was based on our research that the fertilizers are generally packed in neutral colors – white, cream, pastel yellow, etc. Trizone emphasized on the use of bold and striking colors that will help the product stand out amid the competition.

We added value to the packaging by highlighting the product’s uses and benefits onto the front cover, as against the general norm followed by other companies by writing it onto the back cover. This will educate the end user about the usage and is a differentiating factor as well.

Another major differentiating factor added by Trizone was the necessary markings like Government certifications, no hook signage and a seal indicator, unheard of in a fertilizer packaging, with which the farmer could gauge if the package contained a quality product or was it worth giving it a pass. Simple and a visual design ensured that farmers understood the differences between GROMOR and other brands and are able to easily identify the product. We addressed the issue of communicating in the local language by adding the product name in various languages on the gusset.