The Background

With only one multispecialty hospital in Vadodara, the options for multispecialty care dedicated to women’s health were next to nil. Isha is a super specialty hospital for complete mother-and-child care. A state-of-the-art tertiary care hospital, that also specialised in Infertility & Test Tube Baby (IVF) treatments, Isha had its heart in the right place. However, launching a hospital for women meant we first had to win their trust.

The Problem

The founders of Isha Hospital aimed to create not just an alternative, but a definitive multispecialty hospital for Women and Children, which would be a benchmark for healthcare institutions. They wanted to be seen as a hospital which imparts Hope, Care, Comfort and Well-being. The communication had to establish a personality instead of ending up as another new hospital that was being launched.

The Solution

Not just a commodity or utility product, as a hospital creating a brand goes beyond the basics and involves complex emotional aspects. For people waiting to be parents, for new-mothers, for women who needed gynecology-care, the brand had to be built as a place that understood their needs beyond medical aspects. We defined the brand’s emotions – Hope, and created the tagline – ‘Where Hope Lives’.

Creating A New Identity

Logo Story

The Rationale behind Isha’s logo

The alphabet ‘I’ was designed to depict a female figure to portray femininity and freedom. The curved fonts underplay the graveness of the hospital space. The tagline ‘Where Hope Lives’ reinforced the core emotion that patients feel when entering a hospital.

Logo Manual

The Journey Of Womanhood

From infancy to twilight years, the journey of a woman’s life was depicted through a Video Promo before the launch. Not only was the film appreciated by the audience but also bagged the award for the ‘Best Public Service Announcement Film’ at Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival.
Print Campaigns

Print Ads



Digital Campaign
A campaign on ‘Breast Cancer’ awareness with a tagline ‘Let’s Connect, Communicate & Conquer’

Social Media Promotions


Isha Hospital Website

The Result

A campaign that won not just the awards but also the hearts of people, Isha today is known as one of the best integrated healthcare facilities for women and children.