The brand appears to have hit the rewind button hard. Does going back to the ’80s and ’90s work as a communication tack?

Maggi is back, and so are the kids. Yes, the two little kids (brother and sister), who in the ’80s and ’90s returned hungry from school to the quintessential ‘Maggi Mother’ draped in a yellow sari and her ‘Bas Do Minute’ magic, are back all grown-up, in a new ad for the brand.

Ever since Maggi made a comeback last November, it has been playing on nostalgia to win over consumers’ hearts, as well as their trust. In this cleverly executed ad as well, the brand maintains the visual and thematic continuity of Maggi’s communication. The film begins with the two siblings getting off a taxi at the same spot where the school bus used to drop them. They reach home and surprise their mother (played by Deepti Naval). Nothing seems to have changed for them, except that now they are back home from the hostel, and not from school, and also, they buy their Maggi themselves.