The Background

Othello Group, a well-established name in the world of real estate builds innovative, eco-friendly living spaces. Their project, Nautilus was one of the most cutting-edge apartments with modern amenities that included clubbing, cafeteria, gym, swimming pool, amphitheater, wifi and much more. The luxurious apartments came with only one catch, a customer could buy a bungalow/tenement at a similar price point in the city of Vadodara.

The Problem

The public perception that a bungalow is a way better living space than an apartment was too deeply ingrained. On a superficial level it seemed that the challenge was to convince people to buy an apartment by communicating its benefits and advanced features. This approach overlooked a key aspect, that changing a long prevailing mindset will involve high investment and no guaranteed results. The hidden challenge was not changing a perception but identifying the right perception base.

The Solution

The right buyer mindset were the people who preferred an apartment over a bungalow. And no amount of marketing over elevation was going to convince this set of buyers. Here, it was a matter of lifestyle choices that would be a key deciding factor. There was a higher likelihood that a buyer used to living in a metro like Mumbai would love to shift in an apartment that offered the same lifestyle. Understanding this need & finding the right buyers and creating a definitive brand value, for this niche group of buyers who valued an apartment lifestyle was the solution.

Brand Positioning
Our aim was to position Nautilus in a manner that targeted people who came from out of town, preferred socialising and a cosmopolitan lifestyle.
Nautilus Hoarding
Communicating The Life Style
Moving away from the practice of elevation marketing and typical 3D images, we focused on using imagery that depicted scenes of a luxurious lifestyle.

Print Ads
Nautilus Hoarding

The Result

We successfully built an upmarket brand image that generated a tremendous response from the day of launch.
After the success of Othello’s Nautilus, we went on to market Nautillus E3 – the eco-friendly living spaces.