The Background

Netafim is an Israeli pioneer of drip and micro-irrigation products for agriculture, greenhouse, landscape and mining applications and holds over 30% share in the global drip irrigation market. Today, Netafim maintains 28 subsidiaries and 16 manufacturing plants worldwide and is recognised as the world’s leading provider of drippers and dripper lines. However, while being a global organisation was Netafim’s strength, it also posed a peculiar challenge on a local level.

The Problem

Building a sense of belonging among the employees is crucial for an organisation’s success. It makes a difference on an intangible level and contributes to the overall team and organisational performance. It turned out at Netafim, there was an absence of a sense of oneness with the brand. There was a need for strong internal communication that emphasised how each employee at every location and at every level was equally contributing to the brand’s success.

The Solution

Creating a culture where employees feel that the work they do is valued, required well-crafted internal communication. After the brand’s ‘The Vision and Mission’ were redefined on a global level, the next step was to create a campaign that evoked a sense of oneness in the employees. The idea was to ingrain the message that every employee was an equal partner that lead to the collective achievement of the organisation. This was followed up with dedicated events that created a positive environment, where employees felt a sense of connection for the organisation.

Participative Organisational Council 2012
Highlighting The Significance of ‘You’
An extravagant event titled ‘YOU’ was organized to highlight achievements and to create a sense of belonging among employees

Event Aftermovie

The Result

Executing the campaign on a global level was the most critical and overwhelming part of the whole brand campaign. For the campaign to be a success, employees at Netafim had to feel the change. The redefined ‘Vision and Mission’ were not only talked about and well-received by the employees but also the entire effort lead to a positive change for the better.