The Background

Daily commute usually meant auto-rickshaws and cab services from organised sector. For corporate commute services there were long-established players with tie-ups in place with most corporate clients. Introducing a new cab service in the face of such stiff competition without mapping up a definite plan was certainly no joyride for Njoy Cabs – the newest player on the block.

The Problem

With convenience, comfort and cutting edge-technology, Njoy Cabs was a one-stop solution that included intra & inter city cab services as well as corporate and mini-truck services. A definite plus when compared to competitors who offered either one of these services. In a market that already had options, and was not too keen to change the status quo, Njoys Cabs had the uphill task of distinguishing their services. Added to this was the task of getting people to book cabs online or using the app instead of using phones. The belief that a full page ad and OOH would serve the purpose seemed inadequate.

The Solution

Based on our research we suggested an amalgamation of mediums to reach out to the audience – Print, Radio, TVC and Digital. Our initial and foremost target was to change the mindset of commuters. Instead of looking at cabs as an expensive service, they had to be viewed as an everyday alternative. We introduced an inaugural offer that got us the attention, and kept all forms of bookings open via call, app and website. A combination of crisp taglines for print, storytelling for radio and TVC through Sharmaji, and digital outreach through facebook and emailers got us the results.

Launch Campaign
An inaugural offer that caught the customer’s eye

Print Ads

Digital Presence
On the digital front, we stayed in touch with a revamped website and social media posts that highlighted the benefit of a cab ride over an auto-rickshaw and contests during festive occasions.

Auto-rickshaw Campaign

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Festive Promotions



Njoy Cabs SMM
Njoy Cabs SMM
SMM 1-12-15

The Result

A tremendous response that had the phone lines busy, Njoy Cabs was an immediate hit. The campaign for Njoy Cabs ensured that cabs were seen as means of easy-to-use daily commute service. The success propelled Njoy Cabs to soon expand its operations to other cities.