The Background

Tourism is an industry that thrives on breathtaking landscapes, from serene blues of beaches to lush greenery of mountainous terrains, a desert hardly comes to the mind. A three-month long festival, Rann Utsav celebrates the culture of Kutch, and the phenomenal beauty of White Rann – a salt-encrusted desert terrain. A high decibel campaign that involved celebrity endorsements lead to high awareness yet when it came to bookings all was not well.

The Problem

White Rann attracts travellers for its unique glimmering white expanse on a full moon night. While people visiting The White Rann had increased, people opting to stay at Rann Utsav ‘s Tent City was still comparatively low. Our client, Lalooji and Sons, bagged the mandate for hospitality and camping services. It included setting-up a massive tent city that allowed visitors to experience Rann Utsav in its full grandeur. From the lavish tent set-up to arranging sightseeing trips, the stay at Rann Utsav was designed to be an authentic Kutchi getaway. However, a shortage in occupancy made all the efforts put into the festival futile.

The Solution

While the national level campaign focused on Gujarat as a whole, we discovered that awareness about The White Rann needed more penetration. There was a need for clear-cut communication that spoke about what booking a stay at Rann Utsav’s Tent City would be like. Our solution was a blend of 5 factors – Identity, Experience Design, Strategic Packages, Crisp Communication and Digital Solutions.

Revamping The Identity
The first step was to position the brand as a place for all things celebration using vibrant colours across all designs. The roman letters of the English alphabet were styled in devnagri script, and the new identity with its lower case fonts was designed to reflect the humble beauty of Kutch.

Designing The Experience
Inspired from the local art and craft, the architecture and the bright colours of Kutch’s traditional handicraft, we defined specific elements and designed the entire space to reflect the vibrant beauty that defined Rann. The result was an exotic and authentic experience that truly differentiated Rann Utsav as a one-of-a-kind getaway.

Space Designs

Welcome Kit

welcome kit mockup


Strategic Package Designing
Apart from the peak season during festivals, we identified and ideaed strategic packages to attract visitors on three fronts.
1. Slack Period – includes weekdays and off-season time
2. MICE Activities – positioning Rann Utsav as an ideal choice for corporate affairs
3. Innovative Audience Engagement Solutions – Celebrating special events by organizing musical nights by well-known bands, and special performances by well-known artistes.
Communicating The Experience
One of the misconceptions prevailing about Rann Utsav was that apart from visiting the White Desert, there wasn’t anything much to do at the site. Our aim was to ensure people knew the existence of a whole range of activities that included adventure sports, musical concerts, other places to visit near Rann Utsav and much more.

Magazine Ads


Going Digital To Reach Out
Apart from mass media, we went big on digital, with a revamped website for direct bookings, emailers and ads on google, we created conversions through the website that ensured we did not miss out on travelers who would not approach agents or travel websites to book a holiday.

Revamped Website

Rann Utsav Website



Social Media Posts



The Result

Increased visits from International Audience | Boost for MICE activities | Exponential surge in direct digital bookings

  • 12,852,315 people were reached from all across the globe
  • We ranked on the 1st Page of for 60 important keywords
  • 3,50,000 people were engaged on our website over a period of 7 Months
  • Every 393rd guy visiting our website showed an interest in participating in the festival, organically
  • 45 emailers were mailed to over 5,85,874 people over a period of 7 Months
  • 5945 leads were generated with our paid marketing campaigns
  • 813 leads were generated organically through our strategies